Friction in Everyday Life

Are you aware of what friction is? How or what is it used in everyday life? Well per a Friction for kids, they say that you can find friction anywhere of an object that comes into contact with each other, for example, if a car needs to stop at a stop sign, it slows down in order for the friction between of the brake and wheels to stop. So to speak the forces that act in opposite direction from the way an object want to slide. Moral of all, fiction are forces that contribute to the world every day.

For instance, the term fictions define its self as the resistance forming by two objects sliding against each other. Let me give you examples of the understanding of sliding friction, the surface deformation of objects, the roughness/smoothness of the surface of the objects, the original speed of either object, the size of the object, the amount of pressure on either object or the adhesion of the surface, a person sliding down a slide is an example of sliding friction as well. Having these attentions frictions has many situations where they exist and where the sliding friction creates residences.

Now that you have an understanding of the Sliding Friction let me explain another everyday sliding friction. Knowing that we are in cold winter weather some of these you might relate to you and I bet you had no idea that fiction was involved within these actions. Rubbing both your hands together to create the heat, a sled sliding across the snow or ice, Skis sliding against snow, a coaster sliding against a table, a washer machine pushing along a floor, an iron being pushed across the material. Now that you have a better understanding of what sliding Friction is so when you come around them think about how things really work and not just happen because you think it happens.

In conclusion, now knowing what friction is you might just stumble in one of these examples or similar examples in the future and you will be able to analyze them correctly, hey! you could even share this with someone else and little do they know they will think you’re a genius. However, the coined term friction helps us make the world a safer place to live and certainly increase our productivity along with having a fun environment in our living conditions.

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