How To Get Ready For Halloween In The Last Minute?


Halloween is just around the corner and your excitement must be at the peak. Make sure that you don’t go with the tried and tested look for the upcoming event. Use your innovation as well as creativity and try something different this time. However, you need not go over the board in order to do the same. Your outfit, makeup as well as the accessories should speak for your style and serve the purpose of the event. The simple yet unique look is the most ‘in’ thing these days. There are times when you are not ready for the party in advance, still you want to look anything but the best. Being a girl, it is very difficult to get ready on the last minute. So, this article summarizes the tips that can help you be the show stopper of the next Halloween without doing much of brainstorming.The quick tips are indexed below.

1. Black dress 

Black is the color of this day and the best option for you to choose. A Little Black dress is something that almost every girl has in her closet. Use it if you have not done any shopping for the event. However, there are cat themed dresses available in the market. The dress with the face of a cat printed on the front will look exceptionally good. Where most of the girls will be dressed like vampires and zombies, you can have this look of a wild cat lady. This will definitely get you an edge over all others. If there is still sometime left for the event to arrive then you can order one for yourself. You can easily find small cat dress at a number of online sites.


With the dress, you need to choose matching footwear. The feline look provides you enough space to experiment and explore. Even though boots are the best choice, you can try the high heel sandals or even ballets with heels. In case, you are not wearing boots, then, make sure that you wear knee high socks. You can have the color combination of black and blood red.


Out of the numerous hairstyle choose the one that is the weirdest and the scariest. You can go for colored hair extensions and the color not to mention should be red. If you are too busy to style your hair, then, You can pump them and leave them open. In order to add more volume to them, you can use the headband featuring kitty ears on them. This will completely match with your cat dress. You can even use beads and sparkles, but make sure you use only natural colors. It will otherwise damage the hair.


You need to take care of the makeup you do. It has got to be loud but not over done. Wash your face with cold water and apply a thick layer of lotion so that, the chemicals are not in direct touch of your skin. You may use the liquid highlighter for a bit of glow. Eye makeup is the most important aspect. Use dark shades of eye shadow. Sparkles can give you an apt party flair. Apply false eyelashes as it will give you a wild look. It is strictly recommended that the color of the lipstick should be dark red, no other color will go with your look. Bold lips and eyes will infuse style into your wildcat look. You can even use lenses of different color such as gray, green etc. However, it is alright, if you don’t have one. Make sure you use only chemically approved beauty products.


You are almost ready for Halloween, but if you still feel that something is missing then you can wear a pair of black gloves. There are wallets and pouches available in the market that are in the shape of rats. Or else you can go with any handbag crafted in fur that you have in your collection. You can use big finger rings and heavy necklaces. Any design will do, you need not match it with the dress.

Having done this much, you are absolutely ready to scare away all the vampires and zombies at the Halloween party. This look will surely help you win the  heart of feline admirers.

Source: How To Get Ready For Halloween In The Last Minute?

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