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How to Realize Your Inner Guide – That Inner Voice Helping You To Overcome Challenges

Trying to be motivated and overcome challenges without inner guidance, can literally drain any inner strength we might have remaining and lead to more psychological and emotional problems. This is a good time to do nothing but listen to the your inner Voice.

A Course in Miracles states, “There is but one interpretation of motivation that makes any sense. And because it is the Holy Spirit’s judgement it requires no effort at all on your part.”

The voice within, or we may say, your inner Guide, is there if you will listen when no other answer seems to come your way. Ever been in a situation where you desperately needed to overcome challenges that we’re pretty much unbearable?

Perhaps relationship struggles, or you are thinking about being more aligned to a better life; a career change, losing weight and getting in shape, overcoming substance abuse, or anything that seems to be in check with a scarcity mindset.

Overcome challenges by miracle mindedness

At about year seven of my ten year prison term over that foolish securities violation, and heavily involved in writing from the principles contained in A Course in Miracles, the State of Ohio, which was holding me as a prisoner in one of its thirty-three teeming prisons, was experiencing the worst financial crisis in the state’s history.

All departments in the state, including the prison system, were forced to make drastic financial cuts. The prison system was well over budget more than any other department.

Due to the state’s past twenty-five-year “tough on crime” or “lock ’em up and throw away the key” stance, the prison system has become inhumanely and unconscionably, severely overcrowded. The prisons were pushing 150% capacity, and still are to this day and escalating, and are a breeding ground for more than just disease.

Inner Voice

The state’s legislature had passed a prison reform bill, signed by the Governor, who at that time I felt truly wanted to do the right thing with sentencing disparity. The new reform bill will send fewer people to prison by using alternative rehabilitation measures.

Sending a person to prison in Ohio has become big business. It has become an industry of which the general public is unaware. The prisons are nothing more than warehouses for more and more bodies than they can now afford to handle.

This new law also suggests a release from prison for many nonviolent crimes, like my own. This is great– but the true but sad fact is that it took a lack of money for the bureaucrats and politicians who run the state to finally recognize the problem.

Lots of federal dollars are involved, handed to the state to run its prisons, but the system is now far out of control and the funds are not enough for real rehabilitation– nor has rehabilitation ever been the goal or priority of the current “correctional” system.

Their action is not the result of common sense or compassion, but of financial straits.

All in all, however, we can look at this as a shift from continuous error over to right-mindedness.

Realizing how to hear God’s Voice

Hearing the Voice for God certainly still to this day lightens my load. It is healing inaction.

The right-minded work of the Holy Spirit always prevails. In this case, can we see how He used the ego and its scarcity mindset in order that many see the light?

I can remember during that time I ‘d hear the voice within giving me instructions. It was the Holy Spirit– that kind whisper in all our minds as a Teacher and Guide, gently telling me to wait, watch, listen, use my real inner vision, and keep on writing. It’s how to hear God’s Voice

To your inner Voice Hi, I’m James Nussbaumer and I’d like to introduce myself through my thought provoking spiritual and inspirational books, which are reflections of A Course in Miracles. I’m also offering you a subscription to my EVERYDAY MIRACLES newsletter, which includes my ongoing webinars, videos, livestreams, and so much more, helping everyday people live life on their own terms. This is for folks who are interested in letting go of the past and attaining Real Abundance, Purpose, and Wellness in their lives.

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