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LGBT Discrimination Continues Despite Same Sex Marriage Approval

It is human nature that people judge others so easily, inconsiderately speak out their mind even if it is offensive for others, and humiliate other people in front of a crowd either intentionally or not. But, it doesn’t mean that since it is really innate for us to be like that, we should just go on with it. We never know how this affects other people’s lives.

Years ago, women have been fighting themselves out for their right to have a right. A right to freedom, right to have their own ideas and decisions, right to express their own thoughts, right to vote and so many more. Gradually, these ladies have been accruing these rights and acknowledgements one by one.

As of today, the “she” population is able to rule the world. There are CEOs in the companies that are females, artists, lawyers, doctors, and even a country’s president. To date, it seems like there isn’t anything that a man can do that a woman can’t. In fact, some would like to agree that women have a more superb job and output compare to men.

Yet, it should also be noted that despite these, there are still some who are obstinately discriminating women because of their gender. There are still companies who would prefer to have men as their worker like factory jobs, electrical jobs, car repair, and the like. Fortuitously, women are able to deal with this and are still able to land to a job.

Conversely, the cases of women are seemed to be called a lot luckier compare to what is called gay community.

They are the gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexual and the like. They are still people – part of the humanity, but is just having a different preferences specifically when it comes to the people they will love and wished to be with in their lifetime.

The discrimination against this group is evident and observable. They are most of the time the subject of bullying in schools, avoided by their co-workers, and even if they are already professionals and their preferences revealed, they became less respected.

Like the women before, they are also in the process on continually fighting for their right to equality. They wished to be acknowledged and be given the rights that are enjoyed by the other citizens in their respective countries. Their movement (which started in the mid 90’s) has taken a big leap when the same-sex marriage has been approved in the early 2000’s.

Aside from that, there are also other rights that they are already appreciating BUT, it is not in all places. In fact, same-sex marriage is still not practiced worldwide. Gay couples are still having difficulty in getting marriage licenses and have to go to other state (in the US) which does.

Additionally, there is still a lot of people part of the gay community that is having hardships landing in a (high-paying) job because of gender discrimination. More are in the brink of getting fired if they are known to be gays.

There are so many other more discrimination that they are receiving despite the rights that are given to them, this includes:

· Declination for house rentals

· Treated like mentally ill people

· Subject of hate crimes

· Crimes against them having restrained penalties

And so many more…

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