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Morality raises many questions more so when applied to the social platforms. Who is in any given society can be said to be of the highest moral standards? Who subjects people to any ethical scrutiny? The fact is we are the society, and we judge one another based on what we know rather than what they know. The is this not unfair? Are we allowed to judge others based on what we see as opposed to what they believe?

This creates a lot of uncertainty and being human; we always try to find solutions to our problems. Religion is one of the ways that was devised to deal with morality issues. Region unifies a section of its followers giving them their set standards to follow together with rules that govern their actions. Those who do not fit in any of the religious doctrines are governed by the rule of law in that region.

So, therefore, who decides who is right? And what is right?

For the Christians, the Bible does take care of that, and the same goes on for every religious follower. The no religious follow the legislative laws on what is right and what is wrong.

Why then do we have a degraded moral society?

The leading cause of moral degradations is the neglect and lack of adherence by many. It is not only hypocritical but sinful for any religious person to overlook their doctrines for their bodily desire. This is the mother of all evil, SELFISHNESS, and IGNORANCE. When a section of believers start becoming selfish, they deviate from the teachings and even influence others to join their ‘liberated’ squad.

The society, therefore, has seen some deviations from their moral code of conduct and all this can be traced to those particular individuals who in one time decided to be selfish and not to be mindful of others.

Recommendations and conclusion

Human beings are governed by reason and the need to feel important and appreciated. It is, therefore, best to take caution when correcting a wrongdoer and at the same time it is best to recognize and acknowledge the morally upright in any given society.

Man is to error should not deter us from keeping moral standards to their highest levels and always shunning selfish traits that are costing our societal well being. The society needs sober reasoning individual who will help impact the behavioral changes and promote the social welfare.

Always pay any malicious act with kindness and if you cannot see anyone around who is right be that one person to those around.

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