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Modern Etiquette For Using Mobile Cellphone

Submitted by: Martha Pauling

Have you ever been in those situations where someone is talking so loudly on their mobile cellphone while you were supposed to observe silent in some solemn but public place? These people are
inconsiderate and tends to get on other people’s nerves – with them knowing or not knowing about committing such offense. If you are one mobile phone user and you do not want to become this
inconsiderate mobile cellphone user, read some etiquette guidelines shown below.

Mobile cellphones have been adapting to the lifestyle of the 5.8 billion of their users. In the past fifteen years, there have been an increase in creating a line of mobile phones that can be customize to fit a target market. For teenagers, mobile phone manufacturers tend to concentrate on the entertainment features
of the cellphone. For the business executives, digital organizers and productivity applications of the mobile phones are focused on. Mobile phone industry is booming continually and there is a rising need to let people, no matter the target market, have guidelines in behaving using mobile phones in a public places. Anywhere public that requires certain code of behavior should not be observed by mobile phone users for proper etiquette.

When you are in a place or event that requires you to be in total focus or in full attention, like meetings, solemn ceremonies, cinemas, theaters, occasions and related events – you need to put your cellphone in silent or meeting mode. The settings are quite common in most modern mobile phones and you just usually press a button when you need to be quiet in some place or event.

Even when you are in a fairly public place where moderate talking is welcomed, refrain from raising your voice over the mobile phone. When the topics are personal or need some privacy to be discussed, like arguments, meeting details, debts, or anything similar should be talked in a secluded area out of any body’s hearing range. If possible, if someone else is taking a call and it sounds like a private matter – take the initiative to give the 10-12 feet personal space for the person to take the call.

While you are crossing the streets or driving especially, revert your phone settings into driving mode or to be clearly safe, turn it off. You do not need to risk your life by getting distracted to answer a call or send an SMS. Focus is important in dangerous activities like driving and crossing the pedestrian lanes.

A mobile cellphone is used to get quick details and updates. You cannot use the mobile phone as a personal hot line when you are out in public. This can be offensive to others who might think you should be taking long calls in private area or to some who might be worried about the interference your mobile gadget might be causing in some other nearby gadgets.

There is always the right time and place for everything – including using mobile phones. But as for courtesy and the right respect due to others, it picks no time or settings. Being considerate and courteous always win a positive note.

About the Author: Martha Pauling is a techy writer who enjoys
sharing info on blackberry unlock and ways to unlock blackberry
as well as other tweaks.


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