Possible Serial Killer ‘Terrorizing’ Tampa Neighborhood

A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the recent Seminole Heights killings. Tampa Possible Serial Killer Terrorizing Tampa Neighborhood Police in Tampa have called this individual, seen on surveillance video, as a person of interest following mysterious murders in the last few weeks. (Source: Tampa Police Dept.)The reward, offered by Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay and ATF, comes following the identification of a third victim.The latest victim was identified Anthony Naiboa, 20. A recent high school graduate who had autism. Investigators say Naiboa had accidentally taken the wrong bus home and ended up in the Seminole Heights neighborhood where he was shot to death around 8:00 p.m. Thursday night.Tampa Police are frustrated. They have saturated the neighborhood and, somehow, the gunman still got away within minutes of Naiboa’s shooting.“I go from frustration to anger,” said Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan. Dugan says it’s just too coincidental to be anything but connected. Thee murder victims in just 10 days, all within a few square blocks of each other.“When you look at the time frame, the proximity, that there is no apparent motive, that they are alone, the victims are a lot of the time, it’s clear to me that they’re all linked,” he said.Joy Dupree lives around the corner from two of the shootings. She could hear the shots. Three the first time, she said, and one gunshot Thursday night.

Source: Possible Serial Killer ‘Terrorizing’ Tampa Neighborhood « CBS Miami