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Have you heard about animal abuse and horrendous torture of animals? Animal crush videos offer you a chance to witness such crimes being committed live. Explore them to see how precious bunnies, kittens, puppies, and little mice are tortured just to solve some mere human purpose of deriving sexual pleasure form their screams and yells. These innocent, helpless animals are amputated, intoxicated, beaten, burnt, and made to undergo tortures that you can’t imagine even in your wildest of nightmares.

These sentient creatures are subjected to barbaric tortures for the mere lust to induce a certain form of sexual pleasure. Some sadistic people seem to derive pleasure from the pain inflicted on other living beings. These people buy such videos in search of sexual arousal and pleasure. In common terms, animal crush refers to an unusual form of sexual pleasure derived from excruciating torture and pain inflicted on other living creatures. Over the years, this evil has evolved as an industry across the globe and will continue to expand unless strong voices of concern are raised against this sadism.

These helpless creatures are nailed on floors, beaten, burnt and mostly crushed alive to the extent that their limbs are broken to make them scream in agony. One of the most common attributes of these videos is the innocent animals being crushed under the high heels of scantily-dressed, deadly women. You must be wondering how to find such videos on the internet. Well you don’t have to do much; they are available within the reach of minors with just a click of a mouse. With the boon of the internet followed the curse. Earlier such evil videos and films were in the hands of certain select individuals of the society and it was more difficult to gain access to them. Now these videos and films are available on the internet with a mere click of the mouse.

Imagine the effects such videos can have on minors? Too much exposure to them can have severe psychological disorders consequences for amongst the children and can give rise to anti-social behavior and other disorders. While viewing such videos, viewer’s discretion is something which is always advisable. However, with their ample availability on the internet, there is no guidance required. Children are also surfing such videos initially out of curiosity or for entertainment, but some end up practicing these horrifying acts at home. If adults are unable to rid the trauma they undergo after viewing such videos, imagine the impact on children.

The films showcasing torture, exploitation, and killing of innocent creatures for the mere purpose of sexual pleasure cannot be allowed to flourish in a civilized society. Such facts need to be highlighted and brought in the limelight. These horrific acts of cruelty must be condemned.

One of the significant facts that we must note here is that sadistic people who subject innocent creatures to undergo cruel and brutal torture in the name of sexual pleasure cannot be guaranteed to remain restricted to animals only. Some graduate to inflicting such torture on human beings as well.We must take a stronger stance so that this evil industry is immediately brought to an end, and legislation is being imposed for the removal of such videos from the internet once and for all.

The impacts such videos have left behind on the society as a whole is devastating. These types of monsters must be behind bars for life. Most serial killers begin with animal abuse in their adolescence and youth years,pleasing themselves by inflicting excruciating pain on innocent creatures. Initially, they derive pleasures from the screams and agony of these creatures and when their disorders begin to increase, they begin the practice of human abuse. Not only making and shooting of such videos shows signs of mental illness, but the people surfing and viewing such films also exhibit symptoms of sickness.

Agencies like the FBI have linked animal abuse with domestic violence, child abuse, and killing tendencies among children. Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous serial killer, showed an interest in dismembering animals as a child. He later ended up killing and dismembering at least fifteen people.

Animal crush videos have been banned in the United States and Animal Crush Prohibition Act only finally became a law in the United States in 2010. Sadly, banning “crush” in a single country won’t make a difference. A global awareness is needed to create a global ban so that such videos are not accessible under any section of the internet. We as humans must understand that animals deserve the basic legal rights of protection, and we must safeguard such rights on their behalf. If you agree with the concerns raised in this article, you must condemn the videos posted across the internet. It has been desensitizing the society as a whole, and it certainly creates a negative impact on both humans other creatures alike.

Every creature born on earth shares the right to live on the planet as we humans do. We cannot take away this right from helpless creatures. These films use precious creatures like rabbits, dogs and cats for these barbaric crimes. Imagine the trauma induced within us with the imagination of going through such agony and pain. These creatures are almost equally sentient as we are. The ribs and the spines of these creatures are broken while coming under the heels of vicious, evil scantily-clad women. The animals are made to scream and bleed before finally succumbing to their injuries. If you are moved to tears by the sufferings inflicted on the precious animals, raise you voice and never stop fighting for them.

Make an outcry today and raise your voice to stop this deadly crush.

The campaigns and demonstration all over the U.S. have made the U.S. government pass the Animal Crush Prohibition Act. Similar Acts have also been enacted in the U.K., Italy, and Greece; with severe penalties imposed on the abusers. However, there is still much to be achieved in this regard. It is an industry which is quite ‘in’ on the internet these days. With the videos being uploaded frequently over the social networking sites, these demonic films are readily available on the internet, within the reach of all.

This evil is still prevalent in countries such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Spain, and Turkey. With the videos of animal crush heavily floating under the mask of pornography, there is no dearth of such films on the internet.

The readers across the globe must to come together and be on the same page for this grave issue called Animal Crush. By promoting such barbaric cruelty, we are not only taking away the rights of animals and inflicting excruciating pain on them but also leaving our society psychologically and emotionally scarred.

We are also increasing the crime rates in our society and leaving behind our coming generation emotionally disturbed. No explanation and excuse can justify the existence of such videos and films on the internet. This evil industry cannot be allowed to grow and flourish.

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