The Biggest Hoax – Data Entry, Free Job Online Scam

This is a four section part, I highly recommend reading through it all before joining any online data entry, free job or not!

Section 1 The Idea – The Freedom
It doesn’t matter how you stumbled across the idea, the claims make it sound very appealing! Make a $1,000 dollars a day! Work 15 minutes a day! Make $10,000+ a month! Spend time with your kids! Fire you boss! These all sound very appealing to me! I was pretty skeptical, like you might be right now, with claims like these, but also very curious. So I started researching the possibilities and the scams on the internet.

Section 2 The Research – The conclusion
I was overwhelmed with information. After much effort, the conclusion I discovered was, you CAN make money filling out data online. I found literally hundreds, possibly even thousands, of companies that were willing to take my money. However, I was discovering very few that were offering me what they promised. I discovered most legitimate work from home, online data entry jobs were “real jobs”. They offered anywhere from 8 -12 dollars an hour, and usually not full time work. The online data entry craze that had filled my email and covered my screen in advertisements was something different. Way different, you don’t JUST enter data online for your source of income. What these companies are having you do is sign up for affiliate marketing. You enter data sure, but there’s a lot more to it than that little four line table they show you.

Section 3 Lesson Learned
Affiliate Marketing is a way to make a commission off other people’s products by bringing customers to their site. You actually become an affiliate with several different companies of your choosing and you promote their product through this “online data entry job” They give you a commission of the sales you bring and this way they don’t have to waste money on advertising. As long as you understand what you’re actually signing up for the “online data entry” can work for you.

Section 4 Success
Now that you understand what “online data entry jobs” are, I am happy to tell you I do affiliate marketing (online data entry) for my lively-hood. It’s a profitable industry to be in especially with the way the internet has grown. So when you see all those “proof of earnings” for $15,000 – $30,000 a month you know it’s for more than just entering simple data online. Affiliate marketing takes time to understand and develop but it is a system that once you have set up, you can leave it alone and still make money. It’s enabled me to take my true passion for personal training career out of the corporate world and bring it home with me. My wife enjoys the freedom of choosing to work if she wants. She is an art teacher because she enjoys working with kids, not because she needs to work to pay the bills. So you can make “online data entry” work for you and your family, just understand what online data is.

Section 5 Freebie Tips
My advice to anyone interested in joining is to do it right now. Don’t wait around for a sign is you want it to work you need to get out there and make it work. You have a lot of learning to do no matter what you choose to do; you join as quickly as possible so you can get the learning curve out of the way. The faster you learn the business the faster you can start working to the financial freedom we’ve all dreamed of. The longer you want the more time you waste. After you get signed up, put forth as much effort as you can up front. It’s going to be difficult at first, it’s going to take time, don’t give up. My biggest piece of advice is to work hard, just like I would tell my clients, you’re hard work will pay off. Set goals, and work to accomplish them, if you want it to be a real job you have to treat it like a real job.

By: Brad McCleary

Information about the Author:

My name is Brad McCleary and I have been working from home for a couple of years now. I have researched many work from home opportunities. Visit to learn more about legitimate online date entry jobs. Take my advice and remeber my tips and you will be on your way to making money from home.