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The Trump Card

The following essay is not intended to either sway opinion, insult, or convert anyone to my thought process. It is simply an unfiltered opinion relating to recent national issues as analyzed by me. And who among humanity doesn’t want to hear my opinion? If not, read no further. Easy, huh?

So, here we are months after the presidential vote, and a new leader has been installed. Still, most of what I see and hear on television / radio news shows, NPR, and read in print has to do with sobbing, complaining, swearing, and hand-wringing over the results. As much as I enjoy the asinine far left meltdown, come on, folks, grow up. Time to get over it and look ahead. The real irony is that the biggest whiners are the same people and organizations who finger-waggingly lectured that “Trump must accept the results of the election”. Well, guess what? He did! Now would you please have the same courtesy? More irony is that the same holier-than-thou sources looked the other way when the DNC rigged the Democrat primary in Clinton’s favor. Talk about galling hypocrites.

BTW, as much as I dislike name-calling, I do enjoy the “snowflake” label being applied to the protesting, hating whiners. It psychologically keeps them from being taken seriously. The DC rioters dressed ISIS-like, and destroyed property. Don’t they realize that kind of behavior wins moderate Democrats for Trump? I also found it amusing that the snowflakes smashed the windows of Bank of America and Starbucks, both big Hillary donors.

And the inauguration speech? According to news commentator, Greg Gutfeld, most politicians, including Obama, orate with the flavor of a Pina Colada, but Trump’s inauguration speech was like a shot of whiskey. If Gutfeld meant direct and not meaningless political-mumbo-jumbo-speak, I agree. Here’s an example of the latter, which is typical of inauguration and graduation speeches: “We must move forward, united for this great nation now and for generations to come. Today we…blah, blah, blah…zzz”

I do not wish our outgoing president anything but the best. However, he DID say during the campaign that repudiation of Hillary Clinton would be repudiation of his legacy. Unfortunately, the Clinton and Obama dynasties permitted their party, the party of FDR, Truman, and JFK, to be hijacked by the far left, which was a major factor in the election results. The original working man’s party is now the party of condescending academia and Hollywood elites. With that in mind, Obama’s legacy can be sadly described in two words: Donald Trump.

As for me, I’ve decided to trust the system (executive, legislative, and judicial branches) of our government to be an effective check-and-balance, and to err on the side of the American people as they administrate our Republic under law of the Constitution. No, folks the US was not formed to be a democracy, and personally I’m tired of hearing politicians and media describe our system that way. Democracy is mob rule where the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, and eventually falls under its own consequence. I’m not suggesting that we’re not morphing in that direction what with all the self-interest groups and lobbyists trying to sway public opinion; and for the most part, it’s working. Sad to watch. Jefferson said once we make that turn, we’ve maybe 50 years left. Meanwhile, I intend to hope Trump is successful, and trust what’s left of the system. Recall Obama had both houses of the legislature for two years, and was reined-in still. it will be the same for Trump because his party is not in lockstep with him—not at all. In fact, I consider him a third-party candidate. (Of course, there is the reality that congress consists of an enigmatic and ineffective herd of humanity. Now I’ve depressed myself.)

The biggest con foisted upon us (for years) is that political experience by people who have political science and law degrees is somehow paramount to running a country. What a load of fiction that is. The only thing experience in politics gains one is experience in being a politician—not in getting anything done. See, the idea is: Once you’re “in”; to get reelected, which is what they spend their time doing. Until we mandate term limits for congress, nothing will change. It wasn’t always that way. People in government used to have “real” jobs before running for office, and returned to the private sector once they went home. Now this “in” crowd NEVER leaves. If they don’t hang around for years (voting themselves new perks), they become lobbyists. Our so-called Republic is becoming a falling body. Want more proof? Take a hard look at the House of Representatives’ top Democrat, the vacuous Nancy Pelosi. Then there’s the GOP’s top Senator, the oblivious Mitch McConnell. I’m surprised that either has the ability to form words. Warning: A “hard look” requires you to be objective, and check your emotions at the door. Can you do that? Do you have intellectual honesty? Many of you with an “us vs. them” attitude will probably have difficulty; and are therefore, responsible for putting the country in the present day Kafka-esque mess we “enjoy”. The only reasonable solution is to bring in a total outsider; one who understands a republic system of government under law of a constitution. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to give Trump a chance to succeed. The law in a republic is specifically intended to limit the power of government over people. The Democrats (and I suspect most Republicans) want bigger, more-intrusive government, not restricted government. Nuff said.

As a Truman / JFK advocate, it pains me to see that the far left has become the mainstream of the Democratic Party. I categorically do not believe the leftwing bomb-throwers’ campaign exaggerated rhetoric about Trump; and all one has to do is look at the makeup of his business empire, and ask his people how they’re treated. Plus, I do want open borders closed, and illegals who commit crimes removed—and I don’t care how. In addition, I want Islamic terrorists eliminated. How is that racist?

For those Hillary supporters who do believe their party’s acerbic verbosity, recall what the Wikileak’s hack into the DNC revealed. Mainly, that venerable DNC staffers’ communiques were replete with anti-gay, sexist, and racist remarks. Then there is Bill Clinton’s ongoing history with women. Those of you who remember the man getting caught with his hand-in-the-cookie-jar during his term will also recall what his supporters and the media lectured us, to wit: CHARACTER DOESN’T MATTER! Then there is Ted Kennedy drowning a young lady, and not mentioning it until the next day; the same Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd bragging about their “waitress sandwiches”; and Joe Biden twice getting busted for plagiarism. I am not suggesting Trump is a knight in shining armor, but Democrats CANNOT have it both ways no matter how often the self-serving media looks the other way. That, and the unrelenting name-calling of ALL Trump supporters, is what irritated voters and got a guy like Trump elected. Geez, folks, learn from it for crying out loud! Still, they persist…(sigh)

I prefer to consider Trump’s assets since he’s going to be around for a while. No matter what one thinks of the guy, he is an astute businessman. He knows what a balance sheet is and how to run an organization by interpreting the numbers. He also knows how to make a deal, and administrate assets and people. Since World War I, and maybe before, the US is renowned in the international community for being terrible at diplomacy. My tenth grade history teacher even taught us, through examples, how our country has been snookered time and again at the international bargaining table. The Europeans, in particular, have been laughing up their sleeves at us for years. John “Lerch” Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and most of their Secretary of State predecessors have been inept, and that’s being kind. The only respected and adequate Secretary of State I can recall in my lifetime is Henry Kissinger, and he was lumbered with Tricky Dick Nixon. (Aside: Hey, do any of you remember when Nixon ran against JFK that people would intentionally put Nixon bumper stickers upside down on their cars so it read, NOXIN?)

Therefore, I intend to look at the new president’s positive attributes, and totally and completely ignore the allegations of his opponents. They have zero credibility in my world. As Hillary Clinton infamously said, “Besides, at this point, what difference does it make?”

Your working boy, Yosemite Sam, a registered and disappointed Democrat

by Gene Myers

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