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Things To Know About Political Process In USA

USA is one of the super powers in the world and it has fortified by a strong doctrine of democracy. As we all know, political process is like software for the nation which works virtually but in a proper order and allows the citizens to enjoy the benefits and rights. Political process in USA not much complicated and always political parties try to make things benefit to the citizens.

Mainly there are three branches in government.

These are including • Executive Branch • Legislative Branch • Judicial Branch

Executive branch consist of President and the officials those are assisting President Legislative branch consists of Congress

Judicial Branch Consist of Supreme Court

Congress is the main operational body which consists of two branches such as :-


House of Representatives

The house of representatives has been based on the population of state for instance Florida has 27 representatives where as California has 53 representatives. But for Senate, every state gets 2 senate members equally despite of population.

When the time comes to make laws, it is a long term issue. First a bill tabled by any representative in The House of Representatives and then debate start over it after getting majority then it goes to Senate and they also debate on it and after getting the majority, then it passes to President for final approval and after President’s sign, it recognized as law. Sometimes same bill introduces in both branches for better negotiation and debate. After proper reform, it sends to President. So it shows that, Representatives are playing a major role on building law.

President has the primary power that he can deny to sign on any bill that has been passed from both houses. This power is called “veto” that means that law doesn’t pass. As we know, President is the head of the nation and works closely with the members of both houses for any law that will create benefits for the society. As President has power to pass the law but he can’t do it alone if the both houses won’t pass that.

Now come to the structure of the houses and they are not so complex. All 435 representatives has different ideas and agendas which create many time hurdle to pass a bill. USA has two political parties one is Democratic and second one is Republican. Each party has different ideologies so many times they are busy with locking horn to pose themselves.

No one can obtain political affiliation from his birth but after grew up, someone can with the attachment of social groups, various political parties even from parents. So achieving the affiliation is not so hard.

Author: Mili Bose

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