What Just Happened in 2016?

I am writing this article early on Wednesday morning, hours after Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States. I have surfed the news channels to find a lot of journalists asking the question that I chose for the title of my article. That is a good thing for them to ask. Many of them are eating crow for breakfast, having departed from their profession to take a side during the Presidential campaigns.

Overwhelmingly the journalists of the major news organizations took the establishment side that lost. Now, many of them are looking for a way to say they were tricked. The most popular scapegoat this morning is the polling companies and mechanisms. Clearly, the poll data, the poll takers, and the poll analysts got it all wrong!

Watch that stuff play out this week if you wish. I am done with it. Whether you voted for Trump or not, what are you supposed to do now that he has been elected? He was not popularly elected. The country’s vote was closely split. Both the House and Senate will remain Republican-majority controlled, but especially in the Senate, the majority is not great. You know how you feel when your sports team wins and how you feel when it loses. This is somewhat like that, but the difference is that the win or loss of the Presidency will stick for four years, while the majority in the House and Senate of Congress will stick for two years. I should explain this further.

House members must be reelected every two years and they are not all reelected in the same year. Senate members must be reelected every six years and one-third of them are reelected every two years. So, President Trump must work with the Republican majority right from the start in January 2017 and get things done that impress the majority of the American people in order to have the chance to keep a majority of elected Republicans in place for him to work with during all four of his years as President. So, what are you, as voting American citizens, supposed to do with that? That is an easy question to answer.

Don’t look at it like your sports team lost. The thing that makes government work best has little to do with who won the Presidency. Citizens are supposed to determine what is important to them and communicate with their elected officials on what those things are. That communication should begin with the member of the House that represents your district. It does not matter whether you voted for him or her. What matters is that you take a stand and you communicate with the office holder who represents you. You should do that at least once a month. Yes, most of those office holders have an obligation to their party platform. There are a few independents, but mostly, the members of Congress are affiliated with either the Republican or the Democrat party. This can be a distraction to you as a citizen, but you can stand up to it and you absolutely should do that.

But, there is something different this time about who will become President in January 2017. Donald Trump is not a politician. He is independently wealthy (a Billionaire). He owes the Republican Party nothing. He paid for much of his campaign, and otherwise was mostly funded by average Americans who sent him about $35. Not since George Washington and the early Presidents who followed him have we had a President to come into office with such light political and big money control over him. Think about that. Whether you put him there or not, instead of fearing him, would it be better to work with your elected officials to help him see what you want him to do?

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