What to Do If You Are a Victim of Sexual Harassment

There are two types of sexual harassment: verbal and physical. You need to know how to deal with them both because you will never know at what stage of your life you will be assaulted either verbally or physically. It’s best to head on prepared. Read on for insights.

Verbal Abuse:

This can be done either by a person’s bad motive remark or someone may surround your home, embarrassing you in front of other fellow inhabitants by a loudspeaker. They may take secretly videos of your moves inside the house and expose them. They may put your entire apartment on spy camera and exploit you. All these are examples of verbal abuses. How do you manage to escape them? It’s best to contact a family lawyer, family friend or relatives or anybody you believe can help you. Your own family may not be in a position to help because the assaulters may have already threatened them and made them helpless.

While you search in your mind who to take help from, do it calmly and tell yourself, “I cease to be a victim.” Mustering strength from these words, you attempt to take help. Tell yourself, after you have identified your problem with others, “Hold on. Help is near.” This way you are bound to overcome your problem of verbal insults. There are also other ways to get help. You call it Eve Teasing and report to the police. The police can handle the matter for you. There are countless ways to get help. You are not helpless and you are not alone. Seek for help and you will get plenty.

Physical Assault

Someone has jumped in through the window and is ready to attack you. You grab anything nearby like an air freshener, aerosol spray or any kind of spray-like bottle and spray directly into his eyes. Then run for your life and hide. If you are lucky enough to have your cell phone with you, contact the police. And if you don’t, never panic. Let time pass and let the assaulter get bored and leave the place. Or if he is lucky enough to find you in your hiding place, throw sand and mud into his face, targeting his eyes and nose and go inside the house and dial the emergency number on the land phone to get help.

If you are dealing with an all-time murder assaulter, keep yourself cool. You have distracted him twice. You may need to distract him one more time before help arrives. What can you do? Act friendly and start talking to him. When the time is right, hit him hard on the head with something heavy for example, a big, heavy stone from your fish aquarium would be a good example. Be open to ideas and strike him down. You can leave the rest of the work happily to the people you have asked for help.

Summing up, verbal or physical harassment – neither should be tolerated. You need to protect yourself and ask for help from anybody that comes to your mind. If you can only think of police, be it. They will be most willing to help. Just keep your cool and brevity and everything will work out fine.

Always remember nothing ever surpasses without justification. Your intruders will certainly have their share of severe punishment and you can sigh in deep relief.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, explaining how you can escape verbal or physical harassment.

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