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Why You Live in Fear

Why Do We Fear?

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Why does fear run rampant among this world? To me it is very simple. Everyone since birth, has been brainwashed with fear based information. You might ask yourself why? The people who run this world have created fear just for you so they can have power, money and control. So in truth, you all have been their puppets doing their work for their monetary gain.

Planet earth has been way off track for over 300,000 years. The good news is that earth is ascending to its original state. Before I go on, there are many truths that some of you might not be aware of so I suggest you read this with an open mind. Maybe if you currently look at your life and compare it to your younger days, you might see the “light.”

There was a time when we lived in truth. During the time of Atlantis, our planet was abundant with no illnesses, no corporations, clean water, air, and food. The buildings were crystallized to keep either the heat or cold out without gas and electric companies. Without getting into too much detail, when Atlantis fell, our lives changed. The universe is comprised of laws that has always governed your life. These are the laws that you need to know. You will then see how each law has been written for you yet reversed to keep control of you. If you take the time to search these laws out, you will see that my writing is truth. It’s time for you to wake up from your sleep in order to change your life which will in turn, change this world.

All government agencies are controlled not by the President, but by the people behind them. Every corporation, banking system, gas and electric companies, education system, legal system, prisons, borders, pharmaceuticals, food, air, water, media, movies, and television are corrupt and part of their plan that keeps you in fear. Money is way off balance. People who sacrifice their lives make a pittance in comparison to the entertainment industry.

If you truly believe in God, then you would know this is not His plan and not the reason you chose to be here.

The following has been used to create fear into your lives:

  1. Religion
  2. Big Pharma
  3. Borders
  4. Oil and gas companies
  5. Education system
  6. Big business
  7. Politics
  8. Government
  9. Food
  10. Water
  11. Television
  12. Media
  13. News
  14. Wars
  15. Famine
  16. There are so many more I can name but I am sure you are getting the picture.

Anything you are told that even equals any kind of threat or control is a lie made up to put the fear in you. Our world has only two energies; fear or love. When you live in fear energy, you attract everyone else’s negative energy. When you live in love energy, you only attract that feeling to you. How many people say I am God fearing? God is not a he or a she or even some entity. God is only powerful energy who is our Creator and created us and our world. God created you through Him so in truth, we are our own God. We are our own creators. We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives.. God did not create religion, man did. Stop and think for one moment how our world has influenced you to be separate. All religions separate us, even created wars. First form of control has been religion and its fear based teachings. God will judge you on judgement day and send you to heaven or hell according to your behavior. A pure lie. Jesus was sent here to die for your sins; another lie.Race has been another form of separation. Countries are divided by borders with fear of terrorism. Destruction, rapes and murders are planted into your heads through media and television. Our animals are injected with antibiotics and pesticides for us to eat so we can get ill and then go to the doctor who subscribes pharmaceuticals made in laboratories full of poisons. We pay exorbitant amounts of money through taxes to a government who has money you never heard of yet they always tell you how broke they are. Politicians get free medical for life, retirement money equal to their pay, and make rules for us they don’t have to follow. They can lie, murder, cheat, and never pay for their crimes.

We attend school from the age of 6 to 18 yet when we graduate we have no skills for a good paying job. Do you learn skills in schools? Not really. College is another money making scheme. If you attend out of state you pay out of state fees. You spend thousands for your education, inherit major debt, and when you graduate you are not guaranteed employment. They require you to take un-needed classes to make more money. Germs are needed to survive yet you are brainwashed to buy antibacterial soap to keep you safe. Antibacterial soap is full of poisonous ingredients that harm you, not help you. Same as sunscreen and wipes, yet they have convinced all of you that it is needed.. Television news bombards you with reasons to fear other people, travelling, walking out at night, etc.

Are you getting the picture?

What is the truth? The truth is we are all connected to God energy so therefore we are not separate but ONE. We are not separate by race, color, or religion, or even male and female for that matter. We are not even humans but energy and light trying to be human. Your government cares nothing about you. They only are controlled by others for their gain. The following paragraphs are how you can overcome all of this, release fear, and live the life you were meant to live.

Earth is the only planet with free will choice. Because of all the corruption for the past 300,000 years, this is the best place to overcome your karma and raise your vibration. We are only vibratory beings who all vibrate at different levels. Our times here are choices we made to deal with our karma and raise our vibration. We set up everything before we came here. Your astrology chart is the path you chose before you came here. We chose our parents, our body shape, our sex, our body type etc. We set up our karma before hand. How you deal with your challenges dictates how long you will have to experience them. Once you learn the lesson you chose to deal with, then it goes away. If you don’t learn, it will repeat itself over and over to the point of you returning here and dealing with it again. This is a universal law. It’s not God’s will but your choice. You are responsible for everything that happens to you. Challenges are lessons for you to learn. Challenges show you what you need to change about yourself for your outside to change. Whatever you fear, you draw that to you. If you knew how powerful your thoughts were, you would be careful what you think.

You came here because you already knew that you could create whatever you wanted or needed. The problem has been your fear based thoughts creating everything you don’t want. It is very simple to create your desires. It takes practice changing changing your thoughts to always be positive so do it in baby steps. The following are the steps to take to change your life.

  1. Wake up each day being grateful for everything you have.
  2. Forgive all people who have harmed you or angered you in any way
  3. Love yourself 100% unconditionally
  4. Release all expectations
  5. Release your past
  6. Do not worry or plan for your future
  7. Live only in the present moment
  8. Stay positive always as everything that happens is positive
  9. Know in your heart that your came here with a gift to share and find what it is
  10. Never envy others
  11. Age is not real, just a number
  12. Time does not exist
  13. Know that everyone here is your brother or sister and love them as much as you love yourself
  14. Know that you can manifest anything you want, but must keep your vibration high to receive it
  15. You can manifest money without a job
  16. Pay no attention to what goes on in the world around you as its an illusion.
  17. Say only positive affirmations about yourself daily
  18. Put what you want into your future to create it by saying you already have it
  19. You have the power to heal yourself with your mind.

Because you are only energy and light, your thoughts affects everyone on this planet and everyone not on this planet. We are connected to everything here and the whole universe. We are connected not only to other humans but also the water, air, land, nature, and all animals on land and sea. We are one with everything here. If you need healing, go into nature and ask to be healed and you will be. Whatever you need just ask your guides, angels, or higher self. We are a free will planet so you must ask to receive. Everything you need to know is within you. We have been taught to search outside of ourselves for everything including love, when everything you are searching for is within you. The love you search for is love of self. The law of attraction states we attract ourselves to us. When you love yourself completely, 100% unconditionally, you can only attract someone who loves you as much as you love yourself. Most relationships are not based on unconditional love which is why most do not last.Do you realize how powerful you are?. Do you have any idea how this world would be if everyone knew the Universal laws? Another thought I would like to leave you with is collective consciousness. Collectively you create a lot of negative situations because of your negative programming. The same goes for the opposite; we can all change this world in an instant if everyone would just wake up.

You have the option to search for yourself, the universal laws, which will explain why negative occurrences happen to you. This is just a temporary school. Life never ends. Death is not real. We can create our own heaven on earth just by our own thoughts. You can live in the illusion of fear, death, destruction or live in heaven right here on earth. The choice has always been yours.

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Emotional Healing Coach
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